1:32 gauge 1 locomotive and signals
Tri-ang Railways ~ some accessories for your old items
accessories for Meccano
multi-scale (your choice) buildings

Please note: This page depicts the building models that I can both supply right away (allowing for the current print queue) or could supply if there is an initial demand.

Most are intended for wargaming (1:72~1:64 scale) but I am able to adjust the design up or down to other scales suggestions being:

1:150 N gauge 2mm/foot
1:87 Ho gauge 3.5mm/foot
1:76 OO gauge 4mm/foot
1:72 along with 1:76 one of the most common wargaming scales for 20~22mm figures
1:64 S gauge, Hotwheels sized diecasts and the common 28mm wargaming figures
1:48 american O gauge
1:43 O gauge 7mm/foot, traditional scale for Dinky and Corgi diecasts

1:35 oft used for military vehicle kits
1:32 gauge 1 true scale, 54mm figures, Britains, Scalextric etc.
1:24 the larger slot-cars and "G scale ?" (dreadful term, the scales used for "G" seem to range from 1:29 all the way to 1:13, yes more than a 2:1 spread, for most brands product ranges it averages at 1:22~1:23)

[and why oh why don't the "G" manufactuers own up and say "G gauge to 1:xx scale", G gauge being well understood at 45 mm]

But don't let these numbers limit you, how about Z gauge or as harbour and background buildings for 1:350 or even 1:1200 maritime models?

I have paid the production copyright fees for most of these models whilst for a few series I can print out as many as I like for personal consumption but I would need to pay an up-front royalty charge (per group) if I am to offer them for sale. Therefore for those sets I need a couple of pre-orders per set if I am to run the risk of the royalty cost.

Prices, and also lead times vary with the size of the item. I would intend to print in the "hobby ubiquitous" PLA type plastic, firstly it tends to give a reliable print, secondly it is one of the cheaper filament materials that can be readily obtained at a consistent quality, and thirdly there is a small range of nominally sensible colours. Where I can I would print out the main components in your preferred colours. These can include black, white, mid grey, darker brown, light brown (intended to represent the colour of wood though not a wood fibre filament) , dark red (brick?), dark green, blue, yellow, orange or translucent. (not what I would call clear transparent but not deliberately tinted). There are other shades such as "silver" and "gold" tints plus flourescent shades that I would not tend to keep but could obtain for particular orders. As to pricing, this will obviously depend on the item and scale prior to any expensive colours but to give some method of estimation I think that I can produce a 1:32 version of the "wild west store" (illustrated below) for 50 euros prior postage. Because of it's size I will no doubt have to buy in suitable cartons.

Although the larger sizes could also be used with Playmobil, Polly Pocket or even "Sylvanian" the PLA style plastic is more brittle than that normally used for injection moulded toys and I would not recommend such items for very young children. If, regardless of this warning, you want to build for a youngster or female then there are some pink and purple filaments plus garish bright colours which I could obtain for a custom order. I will be experimenting with PETG (which is certainly tough) plus ABS and if those are successful I may see if the equipment will perform further to operate with adequate detail in Nylon and polycarbonate.

When mentioning "main components" you could opt to have the roof component tiles/slates to be for instance grey, but that would mean that any upper section of wall that is part of the roof print, and any chimney or other similar attachment, would have to be the same colour. To put it in another way if you wanted all wall sections to be dark red or wood then the roof is probably going to have to be that red or wood as well. It should be imagined that you will want to paint most of the sections even if only to remove the sheen of the plastic, put some "mortar" colour between bricks or dark lines between planks together with general weathering.

The buildings, as designed, are composed as rectangular plan "rooms" so that the upper levels sit on the lower ones, often with sockets for locating pegs (or magnets) to enable small wargaming pieces or diorama figures to be introduced or removed with a final roof to cover the top storey. So to take "trainstation 2" from "european set 2" there are five sections, the larger ground floor rectangle, the smaller (almost square) ground floor area, the upper floor (almost square) section and two roof pieces. If this separation and/or internal floors are not required is not required then for the majority of the designs I can instruct the printer to print more than one component part ready joined "as one" or save a bit of time by omiiting the floors. Normally I prefer to use the standard component designs as it reduces the risk of time and money lost should a larger print fail and also saves me from the time spent in adjusting the designs. If you really prefer a "smallest number of pieces possible" I can consider it for the smaller scales and structures.

Please note that the figures, vehicles and track depicted are not included with the structure prints.

Due to the several options available when printing these models I have not immediately produced a price list. If one of these does interest you then please confirm the model, scale, preferred colour and whether you need the roofs and/or upper floors printed separately (removable) or "printed as one" where that is possible. I can then rescale the design as required and estimate the time and material plus postage along with any expected delay in the production queue. Please understand that 3d printing has not been perfected, minor faults may be present in the printed model and supports for overhanging features may have to be removed (this fettling may require some time with snippers, fine files or hobby knives but should not be beyond the capability of any modestly skilled modeller).

If you have any questions then please get in touch

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I now have the right to sell models of the "war across europe" set

I am considering obtaining the rights to three "european" sets 1 , 2 , 3

I have the rights to sell items from the "old west" and the recently added "US civil war" sets

American western group

those are the 1:87 and 1:32 versions of one of several smaller western storefronts, other single and 2 storey buildings such as further stores, a small station, bank, sherrifs office, barn, church, blacksmiths/livery stable are included in the group.

These are "warts and all", fresh off the printer. The models could be improved by some modest removal of stringing flash and further fine tuning of the printer but do I hope show what can already be acheived.

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