1:32 gauge 1
The items on this page are intended to be used with gauge 1 standard gauge , ie 1:32 scale.
They can of course be used with any other scale that you think fit so 1:29 to 1:35 might not be that far out.

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The basicmodel EMD SW-1500 locomotive design comes from the generosity of Daniel Noree. I have adapted the design to provide improved strength, in particular the main frame can be printed in one piece, as can the motor housing. I can supply the basic kit of body/chassis parts (and the MTH 50-1902 or 50-1912 DCS Protosound diesel digital decoder set if required). I can suggest sources for for motors/wheels and lights but leave you to obtain and fit them as there are many options regarding power souce and control. Should you merely want a static model then simple printed bogies with wheels can be supplied. If you want to order one of these kits then please get in touch to discuss options for filament colo(u)rs and what the current queue is on my larger printer.
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For the trackside signals I am indebted to Olivier Trocherie.

The monsieurvapeur website offers a range of products but if you have friends or colleagues who are interested in diorama building, model railways and/or wargaming then I can produce a range of buildings to suit anything from Z through N, Ho/OO, the common fantasy wargaming size of 28mm, right on up through 1:43 (european O), 1:48 (american O) to 1:32 for 54mm figures (gauge 1 true scale) or even larger if desired (so as to perhaps suit Playmobil/Geobra, polly pocket or other toy series, you tell me how large a doorway needs to be and I'll see if I can print at that size).
For Tri-ang and Tri-ang~Hornby collectors I have made some specific accessories, particularly for their NATO and Battle-Space ranges.

For those interested in Meccano, the licenced Erector sets and other copycat systems such as Maerklin, Mehanotehnika et al I produce some parts to enhance the caterpillar track.